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June 06, 2017
Closing date
July 06, 2017
OnPlace Inc. – is the parent company of two branches working in the financial services sphere. The first branch, – is a traditional equity crowdfunding platform that helps investors find business projects with different degrees of risk and profitability. The fundamental quality of the platform is to impart people with the ability to invest without serious analytical skills and generate profit. The second branch, OnPlace Investments – is an investment tool that gives the opportunity to become an investor of private companies.The project uses FinTech and Blockchain integrations to organize a single investment space providing the ability to work with currencies: USD, BTC, ETH.

Evgeniy Perikov – OnPlace Inc. Founder
Mikhail Gamov – OnPlace Inc. Co-founder
Michael Gorden – Director of Communications
Ilya Solovyanov – IT Director
Dmitriy Provotorov – Digital Products Manager
Oleg Esipenko – Commercial Director
Sergey Lomakin – Business Operations Director

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