Putting Oil & Gas Waste Management on the Blockchain
ico symbol
ICO Price of Token
3850 for ETH
Start date
January 10, 2018
Closing date
March 14, 2018
Oil and Gas Supply Chain (OILSC), with a maximum of only 180 million coins ever in circulation, will be an integral part of the US$ 5.08 billion global drilling waste management market by moving the contracts and supply chains of the world’s largest oil and gas waste disposal companies, organizations and government agencies, onto the blockchain. As they will reduce the cost and increase the efficiency and transparency of transactions between oil companies and drill waste management service providers via bespoke smart contracts, OILSC coins will become the preferred industry standard medium of exchange, thereby driving the value of OILSC coins upward. Increased awareness and legal enforcement of the oil and gas industry’s environmental responsibility is creating a commensurate need for effective and efficient technologies that help the industry better clean the waste products their activities invariably generate. With co-operation from many of the world’s largest companies, governments and organizations that specialize in oil and gas waste disposal, we are moving their supply chains and contracts onto the blockchain. Using bespoke smart contract GUI’s that conform to the current layouts on our platform, OILSC will make this process more time and cost effective and move it closer to worldwide compliance and a cleaner world. The Oil and Gas Supply Chain token is designed to be the medium of transaction within a smart contract between the oil and gas companies themselves and all the drill management and waste disposal service providers. OILSC token is supported by major companies and organizations with years of experience in providing full service drilling waste management, solids control and complete ‘backyard’ solutions to required post drilling environmental protection regulations worldwide. These companies and organizations are the base from which OILSC will be transacted.
Token supply

David Clark
Head of Development

Jignesh Solanki
Concept Development

Purvak Pathak
Blockchain Developer

Parikshit Joshi
Blockchain Developer


Peter Nuttall
Oil & Gas Compliance

Roger Myers
Waste Management

Ron Hessler
Oil & Gas

Bryan Thompson


David Henderson
Head of Marketing

Simon Yearron
Business Development

Richard Clark

Nova Dien


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