The cryptocurrency ushering in the new loyalty economy
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Start date
December 11, 2017
Closing date
January 10, 2018
The central piece of the omnichannel customer loyalty platform that we’re building is the LoyalCoin, the virtual currency token that now replaces the traditional rewards point. The LoyalCoin token will serve as the currency in the rewards ecosystem, where customers earn LoyalCoin when spending at participating merchants. LoyalCoin is returned to merchants when customers redeem available rewards. When customers earn LoyalCoin, they are empowered to use it in more ways than traditional customer loyalty programs offer. In both conventional and blockchain-based rewards systems, customers can acquire rewards and incentives using their points. However, in this new ecosystem, the points from one merchant can be used to acquire rewards from any merchant within the ecosystem, even if it's a separate merchant. In addition to redeeming rewards, LoyalCoin can be exchanged for other currencies, be it fiat or digital.

Patrick Paul Palacios – President and CEO
Nitin Chawre – Chief Operations Officer
Nigel Hughes – Chief Technology Officer
Anthony Vipond – Senior Blockchain Developer
Richard Funk – Head of Legal and Compliancez
Narciso Villanueva Jr. – Head of IT
Rommel Pajarin – Sales Manager
Paolo Bediones – Head of Communications
Justine Peralta – Product Manager
Rowena Delgado – Product Manager
Franco Dagelet – Assistant Product Manager
Malcolm Schaverien – Global Business Development Head
Katie Hendrickson – Business Development Manager
Paul Samiliano – UI/UX Designer
Alfred Flores – Digital Media Planner
Miko Ilas – Digital Content Manager

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