Global Unified Payment Network
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Start date
October 03, 2017
Closing date
October 31, 2017
HAZZA is an initiative to build a global unified payment network by migrating an existing proven Global Payment System of Octo3 Limited to blockchain technology. The HAZZA network is planned to be made available to anyone around the world. It aims to reduce, if not remove, barriers and inefficiencies from the payment industry by allowing the world’s merchants, global payment networks, acquirers, issuers, alternative payment method providers (APMs), payment service providers (PSPs) and other participants (e.g. device manufacturers, POS providers, the crypto community etc.) to access a low-cost, minimal-engagement, decentralized payment network. The HAZZA network will be owned and guided by a not-for-profit foundation, the Foundation, developed and governed through the HAZZA network community.

Ajmal Samuel – Founder
Tyrone Lynch – Founder
Hans Wong – Founder
Gary Chan – Finance
Tiarnan Lynch – Digital Strategy
Nadja van der Veer – Legal
Eddie Tsoi – Operations
Stephen Richards Evans – Strategy
Steven Vinik – Strategy

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