P2P market place and P2P logistics app
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ICO Price of Token
Start date
October 31, 2017
Closing date
November 30, 2017
Hagglin is a peer-to-peer marketplace combined with a peer-to-peer logistics system, delivered using blockchain technology. There are many marketplaces where individuals can buy and sell goods and services, but the delivery logistics are typically left to more traditional means like postal services, UPS or FedEx. Likewise, many peer-to-peer logistics systems have sprung up in recent years that enable transportation of goods while circumventing traditional delivery services at a far lower cost. However, these marketplaces and systems are all fragmented, and there has yet to be a single platform that combines them in a way that is open and transparent.

Ursula Ruiz – CFO
Shaun David – Director of Marketing
Steve McHugh – Marketing team
Antonio Palazzola – Marketing team
Jonathan Boateng – Marketing team
Srijith Poduval – App creation team
Tim Zhong – App creation team
Jenny Jin – App creation team
Timothee Schoen – App creation team
Daniel Waldman – Pre ICO research team
Ariel Yabo – Smart Contract Development Team
Pablo Yabo – Smart Contract Development Team
Sebastian Raul Wain – Smart Contract Development Team
Luka Staudacher – Smart Contract Development Team
Simon Valencia – Marketing team
Sheel Patel – App Creation Team
Emily K – App Creation Team
Siyu Lu – App Creation Team
Aaditya Singh – App Creation Team
Suji Balfe – App Creation Team
Chris Xue – App Creation Team
Kiara Wahnschafft – App Creation Team
Henry La Soya – App Creation Team

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