AI‐driven and blockchain‐based cognitive commerce platform
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ICO Price of Token
Start date
April 17, 2018
Closing date
May 08, 2018

Dejan Roljic – Founder & CEO
Matej Gregorcic – Co-Founder
Joze Mermal – Co-Founder
Alexander Danilov – Chief Technology Officer
Bostjan Mrak – Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Ziga Toni – Chief Operating Officer
Timotej Polach – Chief Security Office
rLuka Planinc – General Counsel
Tomislav Mucic – Senior Blockchain Consultant
Andrej Plankar – Blockchain Business Consultant
Rok Babic – Senior Blockchain Developer
Luka Prasnikar – Senior Blockchain Developer
Matevz Caserman – Senior Blockchain Consultant
Jan Kalsek – Senior Blockchain Consultant
Ajet Redzepi – Senior Business Developer
Mitja Hegler – Senior Business Developer
Jure Sobocan – Art Director and UX/UI expert
Rok Kostanjsek – Senior Designer
Luka Paragi – Senior Designer
Dusanka Novakovic – Cognitive Scientist and Visual Communications Designer
Sara Draskovic – Head of Marketing and Communications
Melita Gulja – Communications and Content Creator Consultant
Matjaz Sircelj – Digital PR and Social Media Consultant
Saso Kuntaric – Content Creator and Terminology Expert
Urska Celig – Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Tim Soucek – Product Developer
Peter Roljic – Product Developer

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