Decentralised identity & access management platform
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ICO Price of Token
Start date
July 04, 2018
Closing date
August 15, 2018

Vishal Gupta – Founder & CEO
Nikhil Rai – Co-founder & Product
Arjun Singh – Co-founder & CTO
Sumeet Singh – Co-founder & Finance
Bill Eng – Director Asia Pacific
Gaurav Dubey – Director Strategy
Tarun Kandhari – External Auditors
Hugo Inniss – Banking & Compliance
Jason Coles – Community Manager & Advisor
Bobby Barone – Project Manager & Advisor
Larron Fritz – Business Development
Raj Shekhar – Blockchain Developer
Ravi Kumar – Developer
Saurabh Mishra – Developer, Cryptographer
Tanya Srivastava – Backend Developer
Umesh Singh – Software Engineer
Ankit Kumar – Java Enterprise Developer
Neeraj Kumar – Software Architect
Neeraj Singh – Android Developer
Rohit Behl – Android Developer
Chaman Panchal – IOT/Android
Dushyant Tyagi – Web Developer
Nitish Tyagi – Web Developer
Amandeep Kaur – Architect
Sahil Saini – Developer
Salman Zafar – Developer
Sanjay Morya – Developer
Yuvraj Sorav – Developer
Nidhi Puliani – Analyst
Chhote Lal Babu – UX Lead
Rahul Sharma – Product Designer
Chandan Gaurav – Visualizer/UX/UI Designer
Pushpank Kaushik – CI, Test Automation
Shivani Sharma – Test Engineer
Charanjeet Walia – Human Resoruces
Mohram Shah – Finance

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