A blockchian SaaS solution for e-commerce
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Start date
November 05, 2017
Closing date
January 20, 2018
The Connectius project (hereafter: the Connectius ecosystem) is a transparent, integrated solution for handling online transactions and enabling cryptocurrency payment for services on existing platforms. The solution is based on blockchain technologies and smart contracts, and it can be integrated into any existing sales platform or service infrastructure. The Connectius ecosystem also offers a set of ready-made services, modules, algorithms, and an API, which can be used to create new projects. As a proof-of-concept within the framework of the Connectius ecosystem, a self-standing service application, Connectius.Experts, will be launched. It is a virtual service platform based around an interactive map and geolocation technology that, with an intellectually powered search engine, will allow users to search for sellers or contractors for various daily services. The application will be fully built into the ecosystem platform.

Aleksey Alimov – Founder & CVO
Vasiliy Kozlov – Founder & CEO
Aleksey Nosikov – Cofounder & CAO
Sergey Nosikov – Cofounder & CTO
Sergey Fefilov – Technical Expert
Vlad Shchetinin – IR Expert & Adviser
Vladimir Stark – Head of Marketing and PR
Elena Chumachenko – Head of SMM
Olga Saprykina – Head of sales departament
Vladimir Petrov – Chief Software architect
Andrey Opritov – Chief Web-developer
Andrey Ursaev – Chief Backend developer
Andrey Savin – Chief Mobile developer

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