Future of REIT
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ICO Price of Token
Start date
October 15, 2017
Closing date
November 15, 2017
Bitproperty is a real estate tokenization platform on the Ethereum blockchain. With Bitproperty, anyone can create, buy, or sell rights to real estate revenue streams with a new kind of asset class. Through Bitproperty, investors get the advantages of high liquidity REIT structures without the disadvantages of REITs and direct equity ownership.

Ryo Nomura – CEO
Shunta Oka – Lead Designer
Hayato Shimomae – Frontend Engineer
Ryo Hasegawa – Frontend Engineer
Rie Igarashi – Public Relations & Customer Support
Francis Müller – Customer Support & legal Advisor

Yonatan Ben Shimon – Advisory & Matchpool CEO
Max Richardson – Product Advisory & Matchpool Founder
Lior Zysman – General Counsel & Matchpool Legal Advisor
Patrick Storchenegger – Legal Advisor
Angelina Parfenova – Advisor

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