The Global Membership Marketing Platform
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Start date
September 11, 2017
Closing date
September 27, 2017
‘Berith’ is a Joint economy platform based on Membership Contracts. By integrating membership systems in a global scale, Berith is able to offer new marketing experience, various promotions and opportunities to increase sales for service providers. It also provides functions to recycle missed mileage and give more chances of choice. In addition, the platform and services provided by Berith are able to offer services to small and medium-sized providers who have had barriers even in providing common services. Moreover, Berith is a service platform that evolves and expands through the participation of members. We are committed to improving economic life through this active participation-based platform.

Suwoong Lim – CEO
Taekkun Kim – CTO
Hoyeol Jung – Platform Architect
Sangwhan Kim – Blockchain Architect
Geunyoung Lee – Chief Strategy Officer
Junsoo Kwon – Business Development Manager
Sangjun Lee – Business architecture manager
Heegin Cha – User Experience Consultant

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