Mobile Money Remittance System
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Start date
November 06, 2017
Closing date
January 31, 2018
Mobile Money Remittance System (MMRS) is an innovative electronic payment system, which enables the safe execution of cross-border mobile money transfer between countries with the possibility to withdraw funds in local currency using products of the local mobile operator such as mobile money and mobile airtime. Bank4YOU Group appreciates mobile money remittances should be fast, convenient, and safe. It has therefore created a unique and discreet private blockchain system with an inner currency Mobile Money Remittance (MMR) Token, which operates transactions between clients and settles deals between partners in individual countries.

Adam Lane – Managing Director
Paul Griffiths – COO
Isaac Hamza – Co-founder
David Agar – CEO
Peter Davis – CFO
Justin McCarthy – CMO
Sin Chee Saw – VP business development, Asia
Tariyel Tahirov – VP, business development, Middle East and –°IS
Paul Scott – VP, business development, Africa

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