Automated Real-Time Identity Authentication
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ICO Price of Token
Start date
November 28, 2017
Closing date
December 28, 2017
AuthenticID fuses state-of-the-art identity authentication with real-time identity data analytics to allow you to segment your customers by opportunity value. They do this with frictionless consumer friendly mobile technology in a lightning-fast 20 seconds, leveraging the automated technologies of machine learning and neural networks.

R. Bruce Reeves – Executive Chairman
Blair Cohen – Chief Evangelist & President
Jeff S. Jani – EVP & COO
Richard A. Huber Jr. – EVP & CTO
Todd Reeves – VP of Finance & Admin
Jon Busey – InfoSec Director
Ric Merrifield – Customer Experience & Delivery
Shawn Firminger – Project Manager
Stephen Thwaits – VP of Product Management
Allison Cassara – Visual & UI/UX Designer
Kiran Kumar Tadaka – Director of Engineering
Ashutosh Tiwari – Engineering Manager
Paul Dhaliwal – Networking & Databases
Raveendar Allaparthi – Lead Architect
Satya Mallick – Computer Vision / Machine Learning
Matt Flagg – Computer Vision / Machine Learning

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