Trusted Quality of Food & Medicine
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September 13, 2017
Closing date
October 13, 2017
Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol and smart contracts, they are building a universally verifiable, community-driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety & origins of products. Food & Medicine are life-essential products, but because of the way today's global supply chains are run, most of us do not know what we are really getting when we consume food or use medicine. At the Ambrosus project they aim to radically improve the global supply chains by creating a trusted ecosystem where we can reliably record the entire history of products and execute commercial transactions accordingly. They seek to enable a more secure and autonomous supply chain, improve distribution processes and allow consumers to easily see where their products come from and what is really in them. They invite you to learn more, and to stay tuned as we provide more information over the next few months.

Angel Versetti – CEO
Dr Stefan Meyer – CTO
Dr Gavin Wood – Technical Advisor (Core Architecture)
Dr Jutta Steiner – Technical Advisor (Supply Chains
Prof Jean-Paul Sandoz – Lead Engineer
Marek Kirejczyk – Lead Blockchain Developer
Matthew Roberts – Lead Blockchain Developer
Konrad Szalwinski – Lead Frontend Developer
Katerina Ianishevska – Community Manager
Dr Vlad Trifa – Technical Advisor (Hardware)
Prof Malcolm J W Povey – Scientific Advisor (Food Reassurance)
Dr Fabiola Dionisi – Scientific Advisor (Quality Control)
Jaron Lukasiewicz – Strategic Advisor
Dhanesh Kothari – Mentor
Prof Esther Amstad – Scientific Advisor (Food Tracers)
Prof Sandro Carrara – Scientific Advisor (Biosensors)
David Wachsman – Public Relations Advisor
Tom Lyons – Communications Advisor

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