Upcoming ICOs

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Digital Asset When Description
Sandblock March 21, 2018
13 hours ago
Decentralized consortium of brands & customers
IOlite March 21, 2018
2 hours ago
The Smart Contract Ecosystem
Pantos March 21, 2018
2 hours ago
Multi-Blockchain Token system
LAPO March 22, 2018
in 22 hours
Decentralized finance reinvented
Lendingblock March 23, 2018
in 1 day
Open decentralised exchange for borrowing and lending digital assets
MobileBridge Momentum April 23, 2018
in 1 month
Blockchain and crypto-token based marketing automation platform
DataBroker DAO March 26, 2018
in 4 days
A decentralised marketplace for IoT Sensor Data
Disciplina March 27, 2018
in 6 days
An educational blockchain by TeachMePlease
DIW Token March 27, 2018
in 6 days
Decentralize Security
MeetnGreetMe March 27, 2018
in 6 days
Blockchain based platform for travel services tailored to your needs and budget
Appics March 28, 2018
in 7 days
Next Generation Social Media App
Flying Money March 30, 2018
in 1 week
Global tokenazation of financial assets
Crowd Machine April 1, 2018
in 2 weeks
Next generation of decentralized blockchain applications
Elementh April 1, 2018
in 2 weeks
Blockchain designed for the e-commerce market
Amchart April 1, 2018
in 1 week
Universal Electronic Healthcare Records on the Blockchain
BitRewards April 1, 2018
in 1 week
Blockchain reward and loyalty platform
PlayBets April 1, 2018
in 2 weeks
Decentralized platform with Mass Gambling Games
Ternio April 2, 2018
in 2 weeks
Blockchain to revolutionize digital advertising
REPU April 2, 2018
in 2 weeks
Smart Reputation Management on Blockchain
Starflow April 3, 2018
in 2 weeks
A blockchain-powered ecosystem for the influencer economy
Smart Valley April 4, 2018
in 2 weeks
Singular decentralized platform
Zonafide April 6, 2018
in 2 weeks
A Digital Wallet to Secure Activities
Joint Ventures April 7, 2018
in 2 weeks
Blockchain Economy for Online Publishers
Iryo Network April 11, 2018
in 3 weeks
Creating a Public Healthcare Blockchain
Fluence.ai April 15, 2018
in 4 weeks
Decentralized database network
Mobilum April 15, 2018
in 4 weeks
The Platform and Payment Token
Invox Finance April 15, 2018
in 4 weeks
A decentralised invoice financing
Cryptoflix April 15, 2018
in 3 weeks
Movies streaming and film funding platform powered by blockchain
LocalCoinSwap April 15, 2018
in 3 weeks
P2P crypto marketplace
Bountie April 16, 2018
in 4 weeks
Gaming platform for Asian gamers to make a living
Globatalent April 16, 2018
in 4 weeks
A Blockchain platform to decentralize sports
Eligma April 17, 2018
in 4 weeks
AI‐driven and blockchain‐based cognitive commerce platform
Bpay April 17, 2018
in 4 weeks
Payment processing for Crypto Era
Miralab April 20, 2018
in 4 weeks
Easy solution to buying, holding and sending cryptoassets in a secure way.
EXMO Coin April 26, 2018
in 1 month
Secure Investment & Crypto Capital Growth
MoneyToken May 2, 2018
in 1 month
A blockchain-based financial ecosystem
Safinus May 2, 2018
in 1 month
A platform that unites novice and experienced investors
Wealth Initiative May 14, 2018
in 2 months
Non-Bankable Assets on the Blockchain
Greeneum May 30, 2018
in 2 months
Smart energy platform
HERO.org May 1, 2018
in 1 month
Tokenize yourself
Open Source University June 4, 2018
in 2 months
World's Academic & Career Development Ledger
Qiibee To be announced A decentralized loyalty ecosystem
BlockFood To be announced Decentralized Food Ordering Platform based on Smart Contracts
Korbex To be announced The next generation digital asset exchange
B-Umbrella To be announced B-Umbrella Security Service Sharing DApp
LGBT Foundation To be announced Empowering the global LGBT community to leverage its economic potential in order to pursue equal rights
Mosaic To be announced Decentralized market intelligence network
Chainium To be announced Way to buy and sell shares
CoinPennant To be announced A platform to manage, track and analyse your crypto assets
Cedex To be announced Certified blockchain diamond exchange
CloudBounce To be announced Decentralized AI Audio Ecosystem
Inbot Intoken To be announced Cryptocurrency for business referrals and introductions.
Cove Identity To be announced End-to-end control of your digital identity and documents
Herdius To be announced Next generation decentralised exchange platform
Opiria To be announced Personal data democracy
Monetizr To be announced Blockchain-based Game Reward Engine
DeHedge To be announced Risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors
VectorZilla To be announced Blockchain based deep-learning (AI) driven royalty-free Stock Graphics Platform & Marketplace
Lympo To be announced Blockchain fitness and mindfulness revolution
EthicHub To be announced Building human based economics
Etheal To be announced A blockchain-based incentivized global health platform
Open Collectors Network To be announced Decentralized exchange for one-of-a-kind tokens
Velix.ID To be announced A Global Platform for Frictionless Identity Verification
Gems To be announced Decentralized Mechanical Turk
Leondrino To be announced Currency Management as a Service for Enterprises
Smarter Than Crypto To be announced Token as a portfolio
Essentia To be announced Solution to create and utilize decentralized digital identities and logins
Medicalchain To be announced Blockchain Technology for Secure Storage and Transfer of Electronic Health Records
Blocksquare To be announced Plug & Play protocol for commercial real estate on a blockchain
Stockchain Global To be announced Flatten International Finance
Dopamine To be announced Decentralized Collaborative Processing Network
Nuggets To be announced Payment and ID without sharing personal data
Karma International To be announced World's Decentralized Smart Community Network
MoneyRebel To be announced Links fiat & crypto in one app
Zipper To be announced Mobile platform turning your phone into a blockchain powerhouse
Omega One To be announced A decentralized, automated trade execution platform
Tontine Trust To be announced A Prosperous Retirement Secured by the Blockchain
Loomia To be announced Hardware device that transforms clothes into data-collecting and identity tools
Cryptics To be announced Public crypto analytics based on AI
Birdchain To be announced IM/SMS Blockchain Marketing Solution
GoNetwork To be announced A secure decentralized virtual goods commerce platform leveraging the blockchain technology
Chimaera To be announced Decentralized Autonomous Universes or True Blockchain Based Gaming Platform
Tokenza To be announced A Decentralized Fundraising And Freelancing Platform
Fair Trade Cab To be announced Fair Ride on the Blockchain
Token Stub To be announced Decentralized, secure and low-cost event ticketing marketplace built on the blockchain
Des To be announced Decentralized Escrow
Hero To be announced The Future of Banking in Southeast Asia
Obsidian Platform To be announced End to End Anonymous Messaging and File Sharing
Agrello To be announced Realizing the Vision of Legally-Binding Smart Contracts on Blockchain
CruCoins To be announced Revolutionizing Art Monetization
Aether United To be announced Esports + Blockchain
TrueBit To be announced A scalable verification solution for blockchains
CodeTract To be announced Building on Ethereum for mainstream transaction of value
BitNatura To be announced The natural capital marketplace
Vega To be announced Decentralized Effective Funding
Hivemind To be announced P2P Oracle System and Prediction Marketplace
ReiDAO To be announced Digitalizing real estate ownerships
Minerva To be announced Smart Money on the Ethereum blockchain
Justmake To be announced Decentralized person-to-person, person-to-business, and business-to-business ecosystem
Rex To be announced Real Estate Revolution
300cubits To be announced A Crypto Currency that Propels Ships
Autoria To be announced Supply-curve modeled cryptocurrency
Intellium To be announced Cryptocurency backed accelerator for the new digital age
Git Money To be announced Freelance marketplace
Akasha To be announced Ethereum based social network using IPFS for storage
ETCWin To be announced Ethereum Classic Digital Asset Exchange
Impulse To be announced Cryptocurrency backed with real business
Golem To be announced Using personal computer to do jobs that are done today by servers
Decent To be announced Content distribution network
Kibo To be announced Decentralized lottery platform based on Ethereum smart-contracts
Bitgirls To be announced TV show meets Blockchain.
DarkSilk To be announced A Decentralised, anonymous and secure financial alternative
Synereo To be announced Decentralized and distributed social network with ecosystem of decentralized apps
Lykke To be announced Blockchain based global marketplace
DeClouds To be announced Cloud-based exchange for platinium, gold, silver and palladium
Hong Coin To be announced Decentralized venture fund on blockchain
BlockPay To be announced Multi cryptocurrency payment platform for retailers
Metaverse To be announced Decentralised platform of smart properties and digital identities
Tao Network To be announced Digital asset management system suitable for use within the music industry.
Antshares To be announced Distributed ledger protocol that digitalizes real-world assets