Crypto Dictionary

ALTCOIN Any crypto currency other than bitcoin.
ASHDRAKED A situation where you lost all your money.
BAGHOLDER A person who buys and hold coins in large quantity hoping to make good profits in the future.
BEAR/BEARISH Negative price movement
BTFD Buy The Fucking Dip (an indication to buy a coin when it has dumped so hard)
BULL/BULLISH Positive price movement
DILDO Long green or red candles
DUMP To Sell off a coin
DUMPING Downward price movement
DYOR Do Your Own Research
FA Fundamental Analysis
FOMO Fear Of Missing Out (A coin is pumping and you get the feeling it’s gonna pump more, so you buy high)
FUD Fear Uncertainty & Doubt
HODL Hold/Hold a position
JOMO Joy Of Missing Out
LONG Margin bull position
MCAP Market Capitalization
MOON Continuous upward movement of price
OTC Over The Counter
PUMP Upward price movement
SAJ/CANDLE Huge green candle
SHITCOIN A coin with no potential value or use
SHORT Margin bear position
SWING Zig zag price movement (Upwards and downwards)
TA Technical Analysis
REKT When you have a bad loss
REVERSE INDICATOR Someone who is always wrong predicting price movements.
RSI Relative Strength Index
WHALE Very Wealthy trader/Market mover