Explore Medieval Empires’ Open Beta And The $MEE Token


Medieval Empires has just launched its Open Beta, providing an open invitation for players globally to step into its historical realm set in the late 13th century. As players, you can embody tribal warriors in modern-day Turkey, engaging with Edward I of England during his 9th Crusade to the Holy Land. This game offers a unique mix of history and strategy, allowing users to navigate through an empire-building journey intertwined with dynamic battlefield tactics.

The Open Beta makes it simpler for players to join the Medieval Empires world. Without needing an invitation or the initial staking of $MEE, the game’s utility token, players can directly download the game from the Medieval Empires website and start crafting their empires. This phase is crucial as it introduces players to a host of new features and improvements in audiovisual effects that enhance the overall gaming experience.

The expansion of the game’s community through the Open Beta is a strategic move aimed at increasing the user base as the game gears up for a full public release later in the year. The development team is also focusing on broadening the in-game economy by incorporating new factions and planning to extend the game’s reach to mobile devices, which will make the game accessible on various platforms.

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Assad Dar, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-founder of Medieval Empires, expressed his pride and excitement about the game reaching this significant phase, looking forward to the community’s feedback to further refine the game.

Medieval Empires is not just a game; it’s a dive into a blockchain-powered world where history meets modern gaming technology. The game features internationally recognized actor Engin Altan Düzyatan as Kayi Tribe leader Ertuğrul Gazi, offering a rich narrative experience and a connection to a beloved historical figure.

Utilizing the Polygon blockchain with technologies like Immutable Passport and Immutable zkEVM, Medieval Empires ensures low transaction fees, enhanced security, and faster processing, which greatly improves the gameplay experience.

The $MEE token is central to the gameplay, allowing players to enhance their in-game status through Prestige or by staking tokens for premium land. Additionally, players can purchase Land NFTs on the OpenSea platform, enabling them to become landlords in the game’s digital world.

As the game currently supports PC (Windows) and MAC (OSX) platforms, with plans to expand to mobile, it starts with a PvE environment which gradually transitions into more complex PvP interactions. Players can look forward to engaging in trade, combat, and forming alliances as they progress.

With new leaders, regions, and factions on the horizon, Medieval Empires is set to become more exciting and expansive. If you’re ready to begin your medieval adventure and make your mark on history, visit the Medieval Empires website to start playing.