Waves Soccer Event Airdrop

waves soccer event airdrop


Waves is issuing two special tokens for the international soccer championship: 1.Soccer Token (SOCCER) & 2. MutCoin (MTN).

1. Soccer Token (SOCCER): 200,000 SOCCER tokens will be airdropped in total, with 150,000 for newly registered and 50,000 will be received by MRT and/or WCT holders. Soccer tokens will be bought back for BTC by Waves.

How to join the Soccer token airdrop?

  • 1. Create a new Waves wallet
  • 2. Like on Facebook
  • 3. Share this post on your Facebook feed
  • 4. Submit your Waves wallet and other details on airdrop form
  • More info and rules on Soccer Token airdrop, see soccertoken.wavesplatform.com
  • How to join if you are a WCT and/or MRT holder?

    1. Follow Waves on Twitter 

  • 2. Join Telegram channel 
  • 3. Subscribe on Steemit 
  • 4. Subscribe on Reddit
  • 5. Submit your Waves wallet and other details on airdrop form

    2. MutCoin (MTN): The total number of MTN tokens is 100,000. 50,000 MTN will be airdropped to users, the other 50,000 MTN can be received by players and coaches of the national team. MutCoin tokens will be bought back for BTC by Waves after the soccer tournament is over. The buyback price depends on the results of the Russia’s national team. The more successfully Russia performs, the higher the buyback price will be.

How to join the MutCoin airdrop?

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