TranslateMe Airdrop is worth 1 Million TMN tokens (~$ 1200) in total. Simply chat in their participant groups on telegram with the translation tool activated and earn 1 TMN per message sent.

About TranslateMe

TranslateMe has developed a unique approach to natural language processing. It will be the first to train an algorithm with its own corrections, by using the original data of a machine and comparing it the corrections of a human contributor. Typical neural networks require large amounts of data to affect the algorithm in a positive manner, but TranslateMe’s process is about 90% more efficient at correcting the machine's output. This makes the data submitted extremely valuable and will enable TranslateMe to rapidly develop a commercial product.

TranslateMe reduces costs with blockchain and builds an ecosystem for all that’s built by all, this means all contributions are pooled to a single point of success and the efforts are not divided but united. Distribution of work and wealth the way it should be. TMN token is already traded at Probit Exchange

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