The Kaiken Project (KAIKEN)

The Kaiken Project Airdrop is worth up to 100,000 KAIKEN tokens (~$ 10) each for 100 lucky winners.


The Kaiken Project is a DAO-backed governance asset that benefits investors via aggressive taxation. The volatility of the majority of crypto assets is due to many factors, also the Rug pulls have become rampant, causing the average investor to re-think their stance on new-entrant DeFi investment. In a bid to mitigate these hapless scenarios, various centralized and decentralized solutions have been deployed to temporarily lock LP tokens, but there are still daily massive dumps that ruin the average investor’s appetite.

The KAIKEN smart contract sets taxation rules (up to 30%) and all taxed tokens are sent to the Kaiken Reserve (kR). The purpose of the kR would be deliberated and decided on by the DAO. It could be used to reward members of the DAO to generate ROI from lending at other decentralized lending platforms.

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