Tachyon Protocol


Tachyon Protocol Airdrop is worth up to 22 VSYS tokens (~$ 1.55) to the first 4,000 participants. The Tachyon Protocol Airdrop is supported by V Systems.

About Tachyon Protocol & V SYSTEMS

Tachyon Protocol is a decentralized protocol for online privacy and security, which is co-launched by V Systems and X-VPN. Tachyon Network is built on the V Systems blockchain with the use of existing and tested technologies to ensure its lasting effectiveness, such as modular design, user-orientation, nodes and versatile application possibilities. VSYS Coin is the native currency for the V Systems blockchain platform which has already been listed on more than 15 major exchanges. Tachyon Protocol has been featured on CoinTelegraph

V Systems, also known as VSYS, is a blockchain database cloud project that aims to create a secure underlying infrastructure platform for blockchain database. The project will deliver decentralized cloud database technology to carry out complex decentralized applications and support the operation of trillions of blockchains effectively, with high scalability, durability and performance. VSYS has been featured on Yahoo Finance

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