SyncDAO ($ SDG) Airdrop

SyncDAO Airdrop contest prize pool is worth 20,000 USD worth of $SDG native governance token. One random contestant will earn 2,500 USD in $SDG tokens!


SyncDAO Airdrop contest prize pool is worth 20,000 USD worth of $SDG native governance token. One random contestant will earn 2,500 USD in $SDG tokens!

About SyncDAO

SyncDAO is a DAO established to bring user adoption to DeFi products by aligning incentives between users, affiliates, and governors of the SyncDAO protocols and ecosystem. You can earn $SDG tokens for using the $SDG Perpetual Vaults.

Perpetual vaults (Guide for users) produce never-ending DeFi returns which you can earn as Stablecoins, or in other digital assets. Money that makes money forever!

Value per user


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