TAP is an integrated cryptocurrency exchange platform. They provide a seamless link with modern banking facilities and major crypto exchanges.


Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Go to the TAP Airdrop Page.
  2. Sign-up with your details to join the airdrop.
  3. You will get a mail with the link to a Telegram bot.
  4. Start chat with that bot and get your profile link.
  5. Join TAP Telegram group and invite 3 friends to their group. (+75 XTP)
  6. Follow TAP on Twitter. (+25 XTP)
  7. Follow TAP on Medium. (+25 XTP)
  8. Join TAP Reddit page. (+25 XTP)
  9. Similarly, complete all other tasks and get a bonus of 100 XTP tokens.
  10. Submit your details to the bot, after completing the tasks.
  11. You will get up to 450 XTP tokens.
Tap is an all in one wallet solution. Tap Provides easy access to cryptocurrencies and banking. The user will be able to do KYC with a selfie, ID, Utility/Bank statement and then simply use his debit card to load the wallet and have access to any supported cryptocurrency. If the user is an EEA/EU citizen we will send them a prepaid Mastercard.

Value per user


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