Somnium Space


Somnium Space Airdrop Contest is worth $5,000 worth CUBE tokens in total. 150 Randomly picked users will receive 50 CUBE Tokens each. Also, there are leaderboard prizes: 1st prize is 5000 CUBE Tokens, 2nd-5th prize is 2500 CUBE Tokens, and 6th -15th prize is 1000 CUBE Tokens

Note: This is a Contest, there will be 150 randomly picked winners & leaderboard prizes for the top 15 participants.

About Somnium Space

Somnium Space is creating an Open, Social, Virtual Reality world. A world with its own economy and its own cryptocurrency. A VR world with its own Marketplace, Games, Social experiences and Virtual Land ownership. Somnium Space invites you to enter a world not limited by reality. A world where possibility is around every corner and opportunity flourishes for those who dare to take a chance.

Somnium Space works together with Admix to bring advertising revenue to the players and partnered with Pimax to open the world’s first Pimax store in Virtual Reality.  Also partnered with Sony and their amazing 3D model creation technology that allows users to create full embodiment avatars of themselves in minutes alongside any 3D models for Somnium Store. Somnium Space and partners offer the best technology there is in their specific fields.

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