SelfSell is a "people" investment and financing platform


SelfSell is a “people” investment and financing platform where each individual can give himself a valuation and sell a portion of his share to the investor. SelfSell ICO ended and SSC is listed on Coinmarketcap and traded on OKEx.

SelfSell is airdropping 300,000 SSC tokens: 20 points for joining & 10 points for every referral. The amount SSC you would receive would depend on the total point accumulated at the end of the airdrop.  Token price currently on Coinmarketcap: 1 SSC ~ $0,06

How to join?

  • 1. Go to airdrop Telegram bot
  • 2. Join Telegram group and get 20 points
  • 3. Go back to the bot and confirm that you joined Telegram group
  • 4. Refer friends to earn more points and get 10 points for every referral

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