The web2 era, where YOU were the product, is definitely over


SaTT leads the Multichain SocialFi revolution!
The web2 era, where YOU were the product, is definitely over.
Today, web3 innovation offers a unique and groundbreaking opportunity, regardless of your audience, to earn a fair return by spreading the word and sharing what you love.
Now SaTT allows anyone to be fairly rewarded for posting a message on social media for brands or any project or product, all in total transparency governed by smart contracts on the blockchain.
SaTT Post2Earn is as simple as copying and pasting a link. Just post, exploit, harvest and enjoy your earnings.
By offering a simple and user-friendly solution enabling a direct relationship between brands, communities, and more importantly users, SaTT’s MultiChain platform revolutionizes advertising on social media.
SaTT is not a newcomer in this industry. Developed by some of the best Facebook developers and having already conquered 4 million brands, SaTT is now delivering a unique innovative solution that is going to revolutionize Web 2 and Web 3. It’s time to celebrate the launch of our web3 DApp with an incredible and massive Airdrop.

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