RHOVIT Airdrop is worth 40 Rbits tokens (~$ 10). Share your referral link to earn 40 Rbits tokens (~$ 10) for each referral who signs up and unlocks content! The top 100 people with the most referrals will also win one of the limited edition Blackcards. Also, participate in the RHOVIT Airdrop Contest for a chance to win one of 200 Blackcards and an Alpha Key

Blackcards are an Enjin backed NFT that will get the holder special perks on the platform such as discounts on merch, early access to videos, exclusive digital events. Only 300 Blackcards will be minted! 


RHOVIT is a virtual and cryptocurrency backed entertainment platform featuring short-form video and articles. Creators earn both USD and Rbit tokens for their content while viewers are rewarded with loot and tokens. Currently, in open beta with thousands of users already watching and earning, RHOVIT's next step will be launching digital shop which will feature NFT’s and other goods, including the ability to do video game presales. The Rbit token is a NEM based Mosaic Token.

Read our NEM guide here.

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