ReFork Airdrop is worth 200 EFK tokens (~$10). Share your referral link to earn 20 EFK tokens (~$1) for every referral. 

About ReFork

ReFork wants to avoid using disposable plastics by producing 100% biodegradable materials which do not threaten our nature. Disposable plastics will be forbidden to be used in the EU countries in 2021. There must come a solution which will replace the disposable plastics. 

ReFork has many years of experience in manufacturing plastic products. With this experience, they decided to expand around the world. The material from which they create their products is naturally decomposed into natural substances (humus) and thus gets back into the natural cycle.

ReFork has been invited to participate in the prestigious E.ON Energy Globe ecological award contest and it became the finalist in the “product” category.

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