Reflexion Lounge


Reflexion Lounge Airdrop is worth 105 XLRO tokens (~$ 16). Share your referral link to earn 15 XLRO tokens (~$ 2.25) for every referral. You will also receive an additional 5 XRLO tokens (~$ 0.75) for each verified references your friends refer.

About Reflexion Lounge

Reflexion Lounge is a restaurant and lounge business establishment that provides customers with a beautiful treat and an inclusive experience. It is a waterfront café, restaurant and water-pipe lounge, located in Salford Quays, in the United Kingdom. It is a very special place with a special atmosphere. Emblazoned in Black, Burgundy & Gold, RL represents luxury and class.

Reflexion Lounge is the only “Shisha Lounge” Business who have been authorised, certified and trained by Meduse in the United Kingdom. RL are official stockists of their Meduse Smoking Cocktails and have their very own RL Branded Meduse Menu. No place in the United Kingdom has been given this by Meduse.

Reflexion Lounge is introducing its community token ''XRLO'' for a blockchain-enabled franchise network, preparing to become a leading brand in the restaurant and lounge market around the world. The use of blockchain marketplace will make payments on the platform transparent, anonymous and secure. Meanwhile, reducing transaction costs and simplifying the purchasing process. Reflexion Lounge is rated 4.3/5 on ICO Bench

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