Farasha (FLB)

FARASHA is deeply committed and determined to make authentic progress, to move forward steadily and without losing ground, so as to enable vulnerable populations and individuals throughout the world to avoid initial or recurrent CVD and to have a longer, healthier, and more productive future.


Qualified engineers, cardiologists, international coaches and experts aiming to re-invent the way of avoiding CVDs (cardiovascular diseases). Farasha is developing the first smart solution in the world dedicated to analyze, alert and prevent cardiovascular diseases in real-time. Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) & BLOCKCHAIN smart contracts

  1. Start the Farasha Telegram Bot
  2. Pass the human verification step and submit your e-mail address
  3. Join Farasha on Telegram (Community) & (Announcements). Leave a comment or ask a question.
  4. Complete the other social media tasks, all tasks are compulsory
  5. Post a proof of authentication in the BitcoinTalk bounty thread
  6. You can earn up to 210 FLB tokens, and an additional 30 FLB tokens for every referral.

Value per user


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