NanoHealthCare (NHCT)

NHCT is a total health management platform that is built on the philosophy of preventive rather than reactive medical care. It uses blockchain to counter systemic issues that plague healthcare of today like high costs, data fragmentation & data security.


NanoHealthCare managed to raise $1M USD for the HULT Prize in 2014. NHCT uses blockchain to create a global, decentralized health & wellness ecosystem. NanoHealthCare’s application is now LIVE and you can download this on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, links to this are provided on the official NHCT website. NanoHealthCare consists of a team of 10 members including the advisory and legal board, all of which have extensive experience within their respective fields and blockchain.

We highly recommended all our subscribers to sign up for this airdrop.

  1. Start the NanoHealthCare Telegram Bot
  2. Pass the human-verification step
  3. Join their Telegram group
  4. Like and Share on Facebook
  5. Follow and retweet pinned tweet on Twitter
  6. Visit the NanoHealthCare Website
  7. Submit your ETH address to the bot
  8. You will receive 360 NHCT tokens
  9. You can gain an additional 90 NHCT tokens for every successful referral

Value per user


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