Mycro Jobs (MYO)

Mycro wants to solve a real-time problem of society. Through the peer-to-peer network for simple jobs, they give people back control of their time and money balance.


Mycro unleashes the power of local communities by implementing their protocol to connect people. Through this game-changing platform, mycro will open the doors to become the worldwide number one marketplace for real-time job matching. Mycro consists of a team of 27 individuals including the advisory board, the whitepaper has been written to a professional level and the concept is unique, and not one which we often see in others projects.

  1. Start the Mycro Jobs Telegram Bot
  2. Pass the human-verification step
  3. Join them on Telegram (Community) & Telegram (Bounty Group)
  4. Like them on Facebook
  5. Follow and retweet pinned tweet on Twitter
  6. Submit your details to the Bot
  7. You can earn up to 5 MYO

Value per user


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