Multichain Ventures


Multichain Ventures Airdrop is worth 160 TKS tokens (~$ 8). Share your referral link to earn 20 TKS tokens (~$ 1) for every referral.

About Multichain Ventures

Multichain Ventures produces a number of blockchain-focused products and services for payment processing, supply chain visibility, and DevOps infrastructure to provide solutions for any industry vertical.  Multichain Ventures is the parent company of several underlying entities; Tokes Platform – a cannabis focused blockchain provider, Cubed – a merchant services provider for cryptocurrency, EDEN – an industry agnostic supply chain visibility tool on blockchain, and Reli – a cloud agnostic DevOps service provider.

TKS token is a Waves blockchain-based cryptocurrency used for a number of purposes across the Multichain Ventures ecosystem including, but not limited to; transactional uses in-store with the accompanying point of sale software, as a fee unit for supply chain entries, for discounts on Reli services, and novel burn and proof of stake implementations.  A full breakdown of the TKS tokenomics can be found in Multichain Ventures’ documentation.  Additionally, the TKS token has integrations with Multichain Ventures’ industry partners like CHEX and Vault Logic.

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