Minglechain Round 2


Minglechain Airdrop is worth up to 170 MC tokens (~$ 24). Share your referral link to earn 25 MC tokens (~$ 4) for every referral.

After succesfully closing the first round of the Minglechain Airdrop, round 2 started! Round 1 participants can participate to round 2, but the step "Download Minglechain App" will not bring you rewards. In case round 1 wasn't fulfilled, you can still get the full reward!


About Minglechain

Minglechain is the world’s first location-based networking app for DLT/Blockchain professionals, companies and enthusiasts. Their tailor-made search feature and intuitive messaging function can help users find the contacts they need with minimal effort. Users will also be kept up to date with networking opportunities such as events, making Minglechain a one-stop-shop for Blockchain professionals. Minglechain moved to the Ontology blockchain and is not an ERC20 token anymore, but became a OEP4 Token.

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