MedK Round 2


MedK Airdrop is worth 50 MEDK tokens (~$ 5) for all participants who completed at least 20 entries in the bounty. There are also leaderboard prizes: 1st prize is 10,000 MEDK tokens (~$ 1,000), the 2nd-5th prize is 2,500 MEDK tokens (~$ 250), the 6th-10th prize is 1,500 MEDK tokens (~$ 150) and the 11th-15th price is 1,000 MEDK tokens (~$ 100).

About MedK

MedK is proposing the establishment of greenhouse cannabis in an ecological system according to the European Union standards, by introducing economically efficient technologies that will ensure optimal conditions for the activity in accordance with the current market requirements, as well as the increase the added value of the products made through conditioning activities, respectively the creation of an integrated food chain through investments in production links – conditioning – storage – processing – marketing. 

The MedK project is a part of Security Soft company, which is registered in London, United Kingdom. The main activities of the company are launching tokens based on Blockchain ERC-20 technology, securing IT infrastructure, software development in the medical field and integrate processes for automating solutions. MedK is rated 3.8/5 on ICO Bench

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