Marshal Lion


Marshal Lion Group Coin Airdrop is worth 120 MLGC tokens (~$ 30). 1.5 Million MLGC tokens will be distributed during the Airdrop, which is 1.25% of the total number of MLGC tokens issued.

About Marshal Lion

Marshal Lion with its registered seat in Warsaw is a company that holds extensive experience and a perfect understanding of the Polish non-bank lending market. In this context, the company decided to offer an innovative and visionary solution for financing and participation in the profits generated from this sector. The Marshal Lion team’s project will enable both large-format and smaller investors to obtain direct and potentially exceptionally profitable access to the industry. At the same time, this initiative will also be extremely tempting for foreign investors. 

Marshal Lion’s experienced and versatile team is a group of remarkably creative, educated and proficient specialists in the field of finance, risk management, taxes, broadly understood consulting, accounting, and above all, the loan market. Marshal Lion has been featured on Criptomonedas & ICOs.

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