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Kinetix Finance KFI Token Airdrop Coming Soon


Kinetix Finance KFI Token Airdrop Coming Soon

Leading DeFi platform planning multi-ecosystem airdrop
DeFi platform Kinetix Finance has announced a major multi-ecosystem KFI token airdrop. The team sees the airdrop as a strategic move to decentralize ownership over the protocol, while also rewarding active community members and contributors in key ecosystems.
The decentralized finance platform Kinetix Finance will have its KFI token airdrop in a few weeks. The token generation event (TGE) will mark a significant milestone for Kinetix, but also for the broader Kava and Cosmos communities.
Kinetix initially launched a perpetual exchange with up to 50x leverage on blue-chip decentralized assets alongside a V3 decentralized exchange. Since that time, the perpetual exchange has processed more than $100 million in volume, generating over $255,000 in fees.
Recently, the V2 perpetual platform has also gone live, bringing more crypto assets alongside forex and commodities to Kinetix traders. The addition of these alternative asset classes represents a breakthrough in on-chain trading while providing Kinetix users with the tools they need to navigate complex markets.
Kinetix token airdrop breakdown
Kinetix will distribute up to 3% of its 1 billion KFI supply to create a diverse and decentralized body of token holders. That means that 30 million KFI will be airdropped to the Kinetix community and partner communities. All together, they designed the KFI airdrop in such a way that early and active users, future users, and active users in partner communities can benefit.
This is the breakdown of the airdrop distribution:
25% to chain-specific stakers (7.5 million KFI)
With 5% going to stakers in each of the following ecosystems:
Cosmos (1.5 million KFI)
Osmosis (1.5 million KFI)
Injective (1.5 million KFI)
Celestia (1.5 million KFI)
Polygon (1.5 million KFI)
75% to users of the Kinetix DeFi hub (22.5 million KFI)
Without disclosing their exact calculations for the airdrop, trading volumes, and trading frequency both play significant roles in determining the airdrop allocations. However, Kinetix has not taken any snapshots yet. Therefore, newcomers can still benefit from this.
Kinetix explained
Kinetix is the biggest third-party DeFi dapp in the Kava ecosystem. In the past month, its TVL has been the fastest-growing amongst the Kava projects, rising to $23.19 million.
Kinetix allows users to swap tokens, supply liquidity, stake assets, or participate in yield farming. In addition to their perpetual exchange, allowing users to trade perpetual futures with up to 50x leverage, including many crypto assets as well as forex & commodities.
Trading on Kinetix now could make DeFi users and Web3 enthusiasts eligible for the earlier-mentioned KFI token airdrop.

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