Indie Party

movement that changes how politics works in USA


Indie Party is a movement that wants to change how politics works. Indie Party believes all Americans should directly control the agenda through sharing their ideas, time, or money. Those resources are visible, balanced, and symbolized through the Indie Token. The Indie Token powers democracy by empowering real and immediate solutions that work. In turn, the people are finally represented – for good.

Indie Party is airdropping 150 IND (~$15) to 10,000 airdrop participants and another 100 IND (~$10) per referral. The high referral reward is only for the first 1000 airdrop participants. After 1000 participants the referral reward goes to 50 IND (~5$) per each friend you refer. ICO token price: 1 IND = 0,10 USD

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