Havven NUSD

Havven has launched nUSD, their stablecoin


Havven is a decentralised payment network where users transact directly in a price-stable cryptocurrency. Those who use the stablecoin pay fees to those who collateralise the network, compensating them for the risks of providing collateral and stability. Collateral providers control the money supply, and fees are distributed in proportion with each individual’s stabilisation performance. Thus, Havven rewards suppliers of stability and charges those who demand it.

Havven has launched nUSD, their stablecoin, last week and is airdropping to HAV holders! You can earn 20% of your HAVs value as an nUSD Airdrop. HAV is currently listed on Coinmarketcap at a price of ~$0,38. The airdrop is limited to 50,000 participants.

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