Hapo Airdrop works different than the usual airdrops. You can earn Gems which will be converted to USD (bought back by Hapo) every day at 0:00 (GMT +0). Rewards are: 10000 Gems for the first time log in. Each friend accepts your invitation and can contribute up to 10,000 Gems, 10% of your friend's Gems and 2% of second-tier friend's Gems. By opening a total of 12 treasure chests, you can earn up to 10 million Gems rewards. The Reward pool is $20,000

About Hapo

Hapo is a social App where you can see and upload image and video content. The Hapo app will provide you: LOL Videos, Pics & GIFs. You can earn Gems by contributing to the social network, for example by refering friends or with daily log ins. 

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