Gummys is thrilled to announce the IFO waitlist Airdrop with a prize pool worth ~$ 1,000,000! Join this exclusive VIP list to unlock 10x benefits TODAY!


Gummys is thrilled to announce the IFO waitlist Airdrop with a prize pool worth ~$ 1,000,000! Join this exclusive VIP list to unlock 10x benefits TODAY!

With the VIP badge🏅, get access to Special Drops + $GUMMYS tokens and NFTs + VIP account!

About Gummys

Gummys is a WEB 3.0-powered video and streaming platform with a fully operable product allowing users to generate income by creating, minting and trading tokenised media content as NFT, watching videos and more engaging actions. The more you watch and engage, the more you earn. Play, Engage, Learn and Earn. Beta release in 2023 – Get Early Access!

Gummys is building a platform where it is possible to talk freely and in a very engaging way about the FUTURE, innovation, technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT and all related ideas – all of the “building blocks” that will be part of the next iteration of the internet. Gummys is building on @0xPolygon@Filecoin@LensProtocol, and @Livepeer.

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