FinNexus By Bitrue


FinNexus Airdrop by Bitrue is worth up to 10 FNX tokens (~$1) for 1,000 randomly chosen participants. If you didn't complete all of the tasks, but only the mandatory tasks, you will get 5 FNX tokens. Invite friends to win one of the referral rewards:

Spot 1: $200 in FNX tokens

Spot 2: $100 in FNX tokens

Spot 3 to 5: $50 in FNX tokens

About FinNexus and Bitrue

FinNexus is the new open finance protocol being built on the Wanchain blockchain. It is a hub for connecting different decentralized ledgers to each others and users, and also for connecting with traditional finance applications. The first iteration of FinNexus will be a marketplace for hybrid decentralized/traditional financial products.

Bitrue exchange is a forward-thinking cryptocurrency exchange platform dedicated to providing the most trustworthy digital asset management services in a simple, efficient and secure manner. For more information, read the beginners guide about Bitrue Exchange.

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