DBX Network (DBX)

DBX Starfall Airdrop prize pool is worth 300,000,000 $DBX tokens (~$ 20,000,000) FOR ALL 3 STAGES. To get 1332 $DBX tokens (~$ 85,50), you only need to complete a few tasks and follow the instructions in the Bot.


DBX Digital Ecosystem “DBX” is finding new ways to invest funds, providing all interested parties with the opportunity to manage their savings, in order to generate income in the promising segment of cryptocurrency assets, while ensuring reasonable risks. “DBX” is actively developing and attracting a pool of professional partners in the form of ICO projects, financial companies and banks, payment systems, online stores, as well as shopping and service enterprises (shops, cafes, fitness clubs, enterprises service, etc.). DBX platform is featured on Yahoo Finance.

The development of the “DBX” token can be traced back to the very first Bitcoin, from which the “DBX” crypto-asset ecosystem was created as a result of several successful forks.

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