CURE Token ($CURE)

CURE Token Airdrop is worth 300,000 $CURE tokens (~$ 30) Each for 300 lucky participants. Get $5 worth of $CURE tokens for each valid referral.


CURE is the first deflationary crypto-token built around doing good. By design, this community-powered token has exponential price growth benefits for both holders and charities.

The $CURE Token was initially minted with a supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. Each transaction has a 6% fee subtracted which powers their causes. This transaction fee disincentivizes those who are not in it for the cause. From this 6% fee, 5% is delivered directly to the custodial non-profit focussed on childhood cancer awareness, support and research. 1% is burned back into the supply.

Value per user

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