CrowdIF is airdropping $10 in CIF tokens to airdrop participants


CrowdIF is a crypto trading platform that aims to maximize trading profitability in cryptocurrency markets. CrowdIF is a first-of-its-kind crypto trading platform which is capable of objectively gathering something as abstract as market sentiment and quantify it. CrowdIF calls this quantified market sentiment – The SentimentScoreTM. CrowdIF then includes the distilled SentimentScoreTM in its trading strategy and takes advantage of this in a major way. Capitalizing upon SentimentScoreTM gives CrowdIF a superpower and allows it to consistently outperform market with better results than using the conventional techniques.

CrowdIF is airdropping $10 in CIF tokens to airdrop participants. ICO token price: 1 CIF = 0,80 USD

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