CoTrader is conducting an airdrop, follow the steps of the bot provided by AirdropAlert


CoTrader explains it’s like “The Uber of Hedge Funds”, because anyone can create or join a crypto hedge fund with blockchain proof of each fund’s ROI. As such, CoTrader democratizes the $85 trillion funds industry and is LIVE on the Ethereum mainnet already, even before it’s sale! CoTrader is the world’s first working blockchain investment funds platform. CoTrader is rated 4.3/5 on ICO Bench.

CoTrader says it keeps the token price for the ICO price low to make it attractive to buyers, and keeps a low $3M hardcap. It says the number of tokens it’s giving in the airdrop is high relative to the total tokens.

There will be 2 rounds of airdrops, in each round you can get 2500 COT tokens for an airdrop. If you participate in both rounds the total airdrop is 5000 COT ( ~$ 1)

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