Cornucopia is airdropping free HORN tokens to IGNT Holders


Cornucopia is a privately-held index fund, dedicated to acquiring shares in private companies, ahead of their anticipated Initial Public Offering (IPO). What makes Cornucopiaunique is that its investment strategy is dictated, and powered, entirely by swarm theory and the wisdom of the crowd. When the Cornucopia Index closes a profitable position, its trading gains are shared with those members of the Cornucopia community that provided the analysis which contributed to the trade.

Cornucopia is airdropping free HORN tokens to IGNT Holders. Wallets with more than 100 IGNT will automatically receive an airdrop of HORN tokens that is equal to 25% of the entire amount of IGNT held in those wallets. HORN ICO price: 1 HORN = 0,10 USD

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