Azbi Bounty


Bounty Hunters: pay attention! The Azbi Airdrop is successfully closed and they are holding a new bounty campaign.

A total of 100 million AZBI tokens are allocated for this bounty for multiple tasks. Participate in Bounty campaigns to earn free AZBI tokens. 

About Azbi

AZBI Network is a newly created, infrastructure level, multiple chain, public system. It has native support and EVM, which creates a scalable and an open platform for the industry’s third-party developers. Large scaled enterprise-level applications are possible with the AZBI Network through the use of smart contracts. Azbi utilises unique deflationary system: during each AZBI transfer 1% is burned, 3% are transferred to the staking funds wallet and 96% to the recipient. Such model ensures constant deflation and stability of the AZBI network.

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