Aussie Digital Round 2


Aussie Digital is doing another airdrop after succesfully closing the Aussie Digital Airdrop Round 1. The second round is called 'SuperDrop'. There are different tasks for Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This SuperDrop is a combination between an airdrop and a bounty


About Aussie Digital

Aussie Digital aims to build and complete an E-commerce Ecosystem that will include a functional E-commere platform, B2B Portal, Cryptocurrency Trading Platform and multiple other services including those powered by blockchain technology. With the competitive edge of blockchain technology and their minimal fees, they expect those using the Aussie Digital platform to revolutionize the way online stores operate. This new way of trading online will allow small retailers to compete against big E-commerce stores.

By using AUDcoins, entrepreneurs and small business owners will open their online store on their Tradezy platform at lower rates. As compared to other platforms, initially they are providing at least 3 times cheaper services to their users. Apart from it, sellers will also able to utilize AUDcoins to buy different services available at the Aussie Digital platform.

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