Afreyr (FRY)

ARFREYR is a unique platform that will revolutionize mCommerce by leveraging Augmented Reality.


ARFREYR consists of a team of 9 all with substantial experience within their respective fields and blockchain. At first, we were unable to locate a team on the official website, but after going through the whitepaper this is shown on the last few pages. We would advise them to display the team on the website so it’s more visible to those who visit the website. The whitepaper looks good, AFREYR was inspired through the recent success of PokemonGo.

  1. Sign up on the Arfreyr website
  2. Ensure you input a valid e-mail address as you will be required to verify this
  3. Login with the details you submitted and go to, “Bounty” on the dashboard
  4. Follow Afreyr on Twitter
  5. Join their Telegram group (Community) & (Announcements)
  6. You can earn additional tokens by completing other social media tasks. In total, you can earn up to 550 FRY.

Value per user


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