AirdropBob is celebrating its 2nd-anniversary and the upcoming Bitcoin Halving with a Giveaway worth over €500 in ETH coins, as well as three new-generation Hardware wallets

For these special events, they want to share some gifts with their community. There will be 20 lucky winners in total. The prizes will be distributed as below:

About AirdropBob

AirdropBob is a cryptocurrency website with the aim to provide the latest information about reliable and legitimate projects and their crypto Airdrops.

AirdropBob was launched in the year 2018 by three young crypto enthusiasts, Mario, Mario and Richie. The team joined several airdrops themselves and had a very positive experience, but there were also a lot of fake airdrops and scam projects, where they put in a lot of effort without results. Therefore the three Austrians started their project to share their experience with people all over the internet. Let's wish them a Happy and successful anniversary!

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